Running in an Endurance Race

September 26, 2015 by alan | Filed under Uncategorized.

Every year there is a triathlon, and I wanted to compete in it. Seeing the competitors swim, run, and bike is inspiring, because they are able to put their bodies through so much. There was just one thing keeping me from participating in the triathlon, and that was my smoking. I’ve smoked for nearly 10 years, and it has affected my ability to do any strenuous exercise. I tried to quit using gum and patches, but they didn’t work so well. I bought an electronic cigarette from, and it helped me move away from the regular cigarettes.

Since the electronic cigarettes don’t have any of the harmful items that regular cigarettes do, they don’t affect my ability to breathe. When I go running, I don’t have a terrible cough, and I don’t become out of breath as quickly. My endurance increased during my training sessions because of the electronic cigarette. This was especially useful during my swimming training, where I have to time my breathing just right while taking each stroke.

By the time the of the triathlon, I was in prime condition. I was able to keep up with the rest of the competitors at a reasonable pace. At one point, I was able to run past the other competitors. When I hopped in the water to swim, I was swimming at a break neck pace. I dove underwater to do some of the faster strokes and resurfaced without any problems. When I reached the biking portion, it was smooth sailing. Most of the biking portion was downhill, so I had most of that time to relax while I make my way to the finish line. I was able to come in 6th place in the race, which was pretty good for me. Next time I want to get first.

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