Major Complaints on Juno Email Service

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Juno Email was founded in 1996 of May by Charles Ardai, Brian Marsh and Clifford Tse. After that it was provided by D.E, Shaw group with equity capital. In the same year of August Juno Email launched the Free Internet Service to all Juno clients. Every client can send the files or text through Juno mail with the maximum size of 35 kilobytes. But the bad thing was client could not attach files or folders with it.

Brief Introduction of Juno Email Services:

In the year 1999 of May, Juno stock started trading on NASDAQ, symbol JWEB. Then in 2001 of June, Juno and NetZero was also starts trading on NASDAQ but the symbol was changed to NZRO, with a merger.

In late 1990s the software made for clients were updated for many times, the first version 1.49 was made for Windows 3.1 operating system. Later 1.51 version and 5.0.33 both were made for Windows 95, whereas the version 4 was featured with attachments, spell checker, displayed fonts and colours. Version 4 had ability to contain 1000 messages in a separated file that can be stored in many folders.


The 5.0 version of the Juno client software build 33. Which would not work with the internet explorer 7. However, time was passed Microsoft Launched the version (final) of IE7 where Juno had revealed version 5.0 build 49.

But in the 21st century Juno Email developed it features and for those clients who use the Juno mail service, it has now terms and conditions. If crossed the free internet service out of your usage limitation, then you’ll have to pay per minute or month.

Although, it changed or develop its utility features, there are many issues that clients have been still suffering or having some major problems.

Complaints on Juno Email:

Here are some major complaints from many of its users.

  • Sometimes most of the clients charged for the premium package, users experienced the recent automatic downgrade from 2GB [part of the “premium” package] to 1GB only. But all of sudden clients have to charge for it without any notice. Clients have been told that Upper Management made the decision to downgrade their storage instead of give them free technical support without any information. If that happens, its unable to send mail and unable to receive any email.
  • Juno Email has changed their settings, for those clients are very much disappointed about it. Before if any clients wanted to change the number of email then, they could change it by simply going to the box at the top right and by entering the number. But now it is much complicated or annoying steps to change the number, clients have to go to ‘setting’, then have to click the ‘folder display’, select the number and ‘Save’ it. 4 steps instead of 1 step has become big issue.
  • Some people don’t like the advertisement for long and unwelcome audios but the Juno Email was not aware of those things. Not only that clients are having several format changes, terrible internet service and forced media feeds. If these kind of silly thing goes on than Juno could lose its popularity.
  • The latest version of Juno Email making people discomfort, because some nasty Virus is damaging client’s computer as well as there isn’t any class action to resolve this Viruses.


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