7 Best AD Blocker Extensions for Chrome

June 10, 2016 by admin | Filed under Technology.

When surfing on internet, the most annoying and irritating part is Ads which are been shown on our web browser. Actually, Ads are the services that the website owners are provided on their sites to earn some more extra. Whenever anyone clicks on the Ads, the owners get the money. But, for us when we need to find some important information on web and at the same time we get only Ads, and then it will be the most annoying thing ever.parajumpers jacka rea


Things get worse, when we close the Ads and it will reappear again and we need to perform the task again and again. So, there must be a solution for it. Isn’t?

Ad Blockers are the one and only solution to this. These are the extensions which you need to add to your web browser while browsing on internet. Most of the people now use Google Chrome as their default browser, so you just need to choose one from Best AD Blocker Extensions for Chrome.

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Here, in this post, I have listed 7 Best Ad Blocker Extensions for Chrome. From this you can choose anyone extension and surely you will loved it.

7 Best Ad Blocker Extensions for Chrome:


  1. Adguard AdBlocker:

Adguard AdBlocker is really a great extension for your Google Chrome browser. I recommend it to add this on your chrome browser as I have already used it and satisfied with its Ad blocking capability.

Especially, for social Medias like Facebook and YouTube it works great. Also, it can blocks malwares and spywares that can harm your PC’s system. Blocking these unwanted ads it helps to speed up your system’s operation and work.

  1. AdBlock for Chrome:

AdBlock for Chrome is another best Ad Blocker extension for chrome. It will help your internet browsing free of all kind of ads and even from auto play videos which will digest your data bandwidth. However, unlike Adguard AdBlocker, it doesn’t block the video ads from YouTube, still it has many extra features that will help you to browse the internet better and safe.

  1. Fair AdBlocker App:

You may choose this Adblocker extension to your chrome browser. Fair AdBlocker is best to block unwanted annoying ads, spyware, and malware. By blocking the unwanted ads and popup it helps to load your browser fast and your can browse internet more faster. Auto play video ads and YouTube video ads also can be possible to block through it.parajumpers outlet

  1. App Popper Blocker:

App Popper Blocker is another best Ad Blocker Extension for chrome. Use this to block all the annoying ads and pop ups that will irritates you while browsing net. One special thing of this extension is that it’s available with Google Chrome. You can not use this AdBlocker extension with other browser.

  1. Privacy Palette:

You can choose this one to browse internet safe and securely. It’s available on Google Chrome store. Just go to the store and search for it. You will found your desired extension. Add this to the chrome by click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option and enjoy secure browsing.

  1. AdBlock for YouTube:

To block the YouTube annoying video ads on your chrome browser you can pick this extension. This is really good to block YouTube video ads that show on your browser. Also, after adding it to your chrome browser you can securely browse internet, no one can be able to track your browsing history.

  1. Video AdBlock:

Another best option as a best Ad Blocker Extension for chrome is ‘Video AdBlock’ to block all type of video ads that will slow down your internet speed. It’s a free extension tool and easily can be downloaded from Chrome store.

These are the Best Ad Blocker Extension for chrome. So, for an Ad free and safe and secure browsing experience you can pick any of the given Adblocker Extension to your Chrome.


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